Thursday, 6 August 2009

San Diego comic con

So, I went to S D comic convention in California.The largest comic convention in the world. Having spent a large amount of time and effort on a comic project with writer Earl Butler it seemed the logical thing to do-emerse one self in to the heart of the American comic industry. At least that was the idea and to a small extent it worked.
But I wasn't prepared for just how big and all encompassing- all consuming the event was. With something like 120,000 attendees it was a little difficult for one to comfortably stroll around and make the all important contacts. 
By the end of the four days event I was a wreck -having put all my energies in to promoting my self and the comic and doing so on very little sleep. Now I'm in London and it's been raining for 4 hours. I have a small plastic box full of business cards from the comic cin and I'm not 100% sure what to do with them.

Comic samples to follow soon.

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Diana said...

ah Lewis, I'm so sorry I didn't call. You were probably very busy anyway. My friend who attended the con went through the same thing. Stressful and slightly discouraging, but keep up mate. Your stuff is bloody brilliant.